Jared Madden

Creative Director at (emersive)

Producer "Beyond the Search"

Article Credits
  • Digital Thunder
    We are now at a point where ‘digital overload’ is impacting our health and relationships. What's the solution...
  • Digital Disconnect
    This new digital paradigm is changing how we relate to society, families, friends and God.
  • Diggings Magazine Goes Digital
    Archeological Diggings magazine is currently being re-developed after becoming an official Adventist Media Network ministry. Archaeology has long been part of the Adventist public evangelism in the South Pacific Region and the magazine will work
  • Manifest Book Launched
    Editors Nathan Brown and Joanna Darby launched 'Manifest: Our call to faithful creativity' at this years Manifest creative arts festival.
  • New Health Course In Development
    Adventist Media Network and Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing have partnered to develop a new Health & Lifestyle course for the public evangelism activities of the Adventist Church.