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A Healthy Heart?

Understanding cardiovascular disease

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Cardiovascular disease is the world's leading cause of death. Learn to understand and prevent this disease for a healthy heart.

What You Will Learn

All About Atherosclerosis

Living Well shows you the triggers of atherosclerosis, the leading cause of CVD.


Reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease can be easy - Living Well covers the simple steps to prevention.

Explaining CVD

Learn about the world’s leading cause of death and know if you are at risk.


Julie Hoey
Julie Hoey

BSc (Nutrition and Food Sciences), Grad Dip Dietetics, Grad Dip Ed

Maddison Fox
Maddison Fox

BSc (Nutrition), Hons (Dietetics), APD, AN, BAppSc (Exercise and Sport Science), Sports Dietition

Ross Grant
Dr Ross Grant

Phd (NeuroPharmacology), MAppSc (Clin Chemistry), BEd (Sc) (Biochemistry/Chemistry)

Darren Morton
Dr Darren Morton

PhD (Human Physiology), MAppSc (Human Movement), BEd (Distinction)

Christiana Leimena
Dr Christiana Leimena

PhD (Cell Biology and Inherited Heart Disease), BSc Hons (Biomedical Science)

Reviews (7)

Very informative, well explained

Ann Dittmer

Being a Nurse very happy to add more information to my profession.

Emmanuel Raju

Excellent information, easy to read and not boring.

Andrea Todd

A very quick and easy course to do with clear information and practical tips. Highly recommended.

Glen Cullen

This short course is very important for healthy living

Stalin Johneny Aloi

I found this course so important, as both my parents had heart disease, I don't want to follow in their footsteps with the health issues they suffered from, so this study was very informative & vital to good heart health & how to lower high cholesterol.

Joy Sadauskas