Forgive To Live II

Experience God's forgiveness and the peace and joy it can bring to your life.

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1. God's Forgiveness: Lesson 1 - Who's to Blame?

The blame game has been around almost as long as humankind. To blame or to forgive, that is the question.

2. God's Forgiveness: Lesson 2- What Forgiveness Feels Like

What does it feel like to be truly forgiven? Learn about God's incredible love for you and what it means for your life.

3. God's Forgiveness: Lesson 3 - Choosing Forgiveness

Why do we need forgiveness? Learn how to choose to accept the gift of forgiveness and how to extend forgiveness to others.

4. God's Forgiveness: Lesson 4 - Seeing the Bigger Picture

Are past hurts weighing you down? Learn how to reframe the past to see the bigger picture and find new possibilities.

5. God's Forgiveness: Lesson 5 - Living a New Life

How do we deal with emotions such as anger? Lean about the promise of a new life and a new purpose; one free from anger and bitterness.

6. God's Forgiveness: Lesson 6 - Getting Personal with Forgiveness

How do you know that you are forgiven, even if you nay not feel you deserve it? Learn about God's forgiveness and the peace you can experience.