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John Knox - Scotland's Greatest Reformer

Scotland's Greatest Reformer reformation

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John Knox started his ministry as a two handed sword carrier to protect another reformer George Wishart.  After Wishart's death in 1546, Knox picked up the mantle and with resolute boldness and trust in God, drove the Scottish reformation forward.

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Write your review... This course is a very powerful one and very encouraging in one's walk as a Christian. We learn from John Knox the desired faith and courage for one to stand firm upon the teachings of the Scriptures. And indeed it has never been easy, and so it was for Knox, to stand before rulers and defend the proper teachings of the Scriptures against widely accepted erroneous beliefs or teachings. His calm before the Queen at HolyRood is amazing and it gives hope that led by the Holy Spirit a Child of God can remain calm and composed amidst scary situations. Little did Knox realize the extent and impact of his truthfulness to many others, so it is that when we stand for the truth come what may, others may learn and repent and live. We praise God for the life of John Knox

Namuyuni Mwiinga

Filled with interesting information! What a life John Knox had!

Jenny Fink