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Martin Luther - Protest of the Princes

Martin Luther reformation

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The name ‘Protestant’ dates back to a meeting in the town of Speyer, Germany and 8 Princes protested against the abuse of power and overreach of the authority of the church in their day. Men of principle, firm and resolute whose stand and values has been cherished by many since. #MartinLuther #ProtestOfThePrinces #GermanPrinces #KnowYourHistory #500Years

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I would recommend this course. Even though I had heard of Martin Luther before I have learned some things in this course that I had not known before and I am sure others studying this lesson will experience the same.

David Brown

This was a thought provoking and interesting course. Thank you!

Jenny Fink

Yes I would recommend this course because we should never forget the history of the Reformation or to let these reformers die in vain.

Christine Whitton