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Before History Began

Digging Deeper

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Is the world really as old as some claim? Today Stone age cultures in Papua New Guinea and Brazil live within a short distance of iGeneration civilisations.

What You Will Learn

Radio Carbon Dating

Like all dating systems carbon 14 analysis assumes that “all things continue as they were from the beginning.” It ignores the idea of a creation that was already mature.

The Stone Age Man

Stone Age man may not have had the benefit of accumulated wisdom as we have today...but there is no justification for underestimating his intelligence.

Geological Strata

Giant forests were buried to later form deposits of coal; plants and animals were locked into the layers of mud to become fossils in rock.


Reviews (6)

superb course.Enjoyable.

James Hermann

Very interesting and thought provoking study.

Shamila Smith

I certainly recommend this course . It reminded me of the love God delivers to each of his subject . The course reminded me to be mindful of my faith.

Jill Sirrell

This course gives a simple overview of Creation, explaining and putting into context how the Biblical record of history is compatible with science (or science with the Bible). A good source of general information to put things into perspective.

Louise Cowan

Yes, it is most helpful for School Geography Lessons.

Sue Webster

An excellent beginner's course. Looking forward to more.

Tina Boltinghouse