David Down

Field Archaeologist

For more than 50 years David Down worked as an archaeologist and tour guide in the Middle East. He was the founder and editor of the monthly archaeology journal Diggings and the popular bi-monthly magazine Archaeological Diggings.
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  • The Hittites - A Civilisation Lost and Found
    The Hittites were a lost nation whose presence was long denied. Archaeological Diggings founder and first editor David Down reveals the story of their rediscovery and recognition in history.
  • The Jericho Evidence
    Editor's comment with David Down
  • Jericho Under Fire Again
    David Down addresses the latest assault on the archaeological evidence of this ancient city.
  • Jericho's Walls fell down
    Recent excavations at Tell es-Sultan, the Jericho conquered by the Israelite forces under Joshua. These excavations confirm the destruction of the Early Bronze Age city walls, perhaps by an earthquake
  • Hezekiah's Tunnel
    Hezekiah bought them off with silver and gold but in anticipation that Sennacherib would return he had a tunnel cut to bring the water from the Spring Gihon to a pool inside the city.
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