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Mark of the Beast

What is it? Should I worry?

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Uncover the issue that will instigate earth's final showdown and learn who, when and how it will happen

What You Will Learn

The wound

Discover the prophecy that tells of a union of two entities that should be separate with dangerous results.

Two beasts

Uncover the prophetic language in the books of Daniel and Revelation that reveal the identities of two of the biggest end time players


Learn the details about the final chapters of earth’s history and the climatic end struggle.


Clifford Goldstein
Clifford Goldstein

BA (Theology), MA (Northwest Semitic Languages)

John Gate
Pr John Gate

BA (Theology), MA (Religion)

Jared Madden
Jared Madden

Producer "Beyond the Search"

Reviews (7)

This course delves deeper into the explanation of the beasts in Daniel and Revelation, I am grateful that the explanation is clear. I now fully understand the meaning of beasts and symbols in these chapters.

Cassandra Joy Lingatong

I would definitely recommend this course. This is an insight of what is happening in the world and where the world is heading. God is our only father and saviour, we must believe in him and strengthen our faith.

Val Milo

Such vital information for us all!

Jenny Fink

This lesson is very informative and truthful.

Tomas Tembenuca

Yes thankou i liked it very relevant

MIshka Halleen

The course explains the symbols in the Books of Daniel and Revelation with clarity but does not reference counter opinions and this should be included with an explanation on why such is wrong. The course is meritorious because of the Scriptural references

Sidney Dorsett