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Learn of it’s dramatic discovery and unlock it’s secrets

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Discover an entire hidden city, lost to the world for more that 1000 years. Learn of it’s dramatic discovery and unlock it’s secrets.

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El Deir

Some consider these places to be tombs, but they contain stone-cut platforms, which seem to have been for statues of deities.

The gate

The Emperor Trajan had a well-paved road made through Petra, connecting Syria with the Red Sea.

Petra today

Petra today seems to be hot, dry and barren, but the most recent excavations have concentrated on the hill on the south side of the Roman road and archaeologists were astonished to find what amounted to a “Paradise”


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I really liked the course on Petra. I had read a lot about it and hope to visit it one day, and through reading this course, I learned quite a few facts I didn't know or hadn't read in mainstream books on the ruins. The photos are really good too!

Carolyn Macdougall

It was interesting to read on Petra, have seen the show by Mr. Downs.

David A. Groth Sgt. (ret.)