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Secrets of Success

What exactly are the keys to success in this life and the life hereafter?

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What exactly are the keys to success in this life and the life hereafter? Is God really interested in us having successful lives? Find out what the Bible says about your past, present and future.

What You Will Learn

Church Life

Secrets of Success explains why there are so many churches, and shows how to live life to the full!

Buried Judgement

Discover what the Bible says about the ancient practise of baptism and about an upcoming judgement.

An Afterlife of Peace?

Find out what happens after we die, all about hell, and if peace is still even possible.


Reviews (6)

Yes, I do recommend this course and all the others; they are very enlightening, easy to understand, and would make you a better Christian:).

olga hernandez

I would recommend this course since it has some important information and it teaches you how to success in life to get rewarded with eternal life when Jesus comes back.

Jay Payet

Good relevant explanation of what the Bible says.

Laurie Pask

Great and epic conclusion to the secrets of prophecy series and hope that you too can experience the grace and glory of God through this series. For all of those who want Biblical truth and need help finding it, Secrets of Success will help you discover.

Timothy Pinzone


Monica G

Yes absolutely, I enjoyed it so much and would probably do the course again in the future. Easy to understand and full of information I didn't know. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Maggie Payet