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The Boy King Tutankhamen

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The discovery of Tutankhamen’s long lost tomb ranks just behind the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls as one of the greatest finds of all time. What did that tomb tell us about our day?

What You Will Learn

The Great Discovery

Tutankhamen was the third last king of the 18th dynasty, which was the most powerful and affluent dynasty that ever ruled the land of ancient Egypt.

The Death of Tutankhamen

Long ago X-rays revealed that Tutankhamen had apparently received a blow to his head just behind his left ear. Further X-rays and scans taken in 2006 revealed that this apparent blow had been inflicted after his death

The Glint of Gold

There were more than 2,000 treasures buried with Tutankhamen. It took seven weeks to remove all the items from the ante chamber alone.


Reviews (15)

The course was an eye opener to me. Early history is something I know little about

Gaynar Findlay

I enjoyed the whole series. Truly an eye opener. God left enough evidence for us to discover and see that His word is true

Shamila Smith

yes it makes the bible come alive and helped me to know and understand that what i read in the bible indeed the building block of the knowledge of God as it is in Jesus Christ my Lord.

Celeste A Braithwaite

Excellent Changes my thinking this world is just a temporary place 🙏

Loma Meester

loved this course was very interesting Thankyou

kerryanne tavener

Yes, I would recommend this course. It was a great introduction to Egyptian history and how it tied in with Christianity. Very informative.

Jamie Fulkerson