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The Medo-Persian Empire

Cyrus the Persian was possibly the greatest statesman of the ancient world

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Cyrus the Persian was possibly the greatest statesman of the ancient world. Learn of his humble origins, the mighty empire that he built and how it finally collapsed several centuries later.

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Cyrus Cylinder

A clay cylinder 23 centimetres long found in Babylon and now in the British Museum reads, "Without any battle, he made him enter his town Babylon, sparing Babylon any calamity.

Medes versus Persians

Medes had been preoccupied with the Scythian invasion, the Persians had reasserted their indepenĀ­dence.

Astyages & Cyrus

Before Cyrus the Great was born, Astyages had a dream that his magi interpreted to mean that his daughter's son would be a threat to his throne.


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Very informative and helps with connecting it all together how the bible tells it and based on the archaeological proof

Shana West

Excellent history to help more truth about bible. So thankful to know and finding this website šŸ™

Loma Meester

I thoroughly enjoyed how the historical facts were interwoven with the biblical truths, to bring to light just how God has lead through the passage of time.

Francois Peters

Wonderful course very informative - I really enjoyed partaking in this course

Jennie Rawlings

Learnt a lot about what happened before the days of Queen Esther and what happened after that. It's a great course. I recommend it.

Nkechi Ekeh

I think it is a good idea for young people to find out about the history of the Middle East before, during and since Jesus time.

Sue Webster