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Burial Customs in Bible Lands

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Discover the treasure of long lost graves. learn the fascinating burial rituals of the ancient world and their meanings. Find out their significance for us today.

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For the Ka to function it had to be able to return to the body. It would be disastrous if the body decayed and ceased to exist. So it had to be mummified and it had to be protected. Hence the building of pyramids to protect the burial site.

Funeral Boats

A very common Egyptian practise was to provide a funeral boat for the dead. Most of these boats were quite small, but Cheops, who always did things on a grand scale, had six huge boats

The Ba & The Ka

The Ba was sometimes symbolized by the Ba bird, which left the body and winged its flight to eternal bliss where it became absorbed into the great solar deity from which it had come.


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Yes. Highly recommend. While the burial customs of cultures during Bible times are interesting, it is the Bible's record after death that is important. This was verywell presented.

Tina Boltinghouse

I would recommend this course because I believe that people should know the meaning of death and not fear it.

Bill Horn

Yes. It gives a person a new perspective on what happens at the end of this life.

David A. Groth Sgt. (ret.)