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Faith of Doss

The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge

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Inspired by the movie Hacksaw Ridge.

What You Will Learn

Faith of Doss

Desmond Doss had a faith that ran so deep that it motivated him to serve in a hellish war, compelled him to give up his stretcher for another wounded man, and enabled him to suffer ridicule and persecution from those he would end up saving.

Courage of Love

Doss was one of the bravest people alive, fearless with regard to what would happen to him.

Heavenly Peace on Earthly Battlefields

It’s easy to miss one of the important reasons why Desmond Doss was able to stay on the battlefield and rescue so many men when everyone else was running for cover.


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This course was a pleasure to study and complete!! Well written and easy to understand. It also inspired me to follow God and make him part of my daily life.

Sharron Edwards

Thank you it got me thinking again and becomes refocused

Alanna Day

Yes, This is a very good course to instil into you what God requires of us. The basic rules of living a good Christian life. It cements everything into place. Sometimes you just need to reread parts of scripture to let it sink in.

Cate Bowley

It' great course!

Izidor Pokrivac

This was a very interesting course it was awesome thankyou

sherry taylor

This was an excellent course on the Fundementals of the Faith in Desmond Doss. I hope that all who saw "Hacksack Ridge" will take all of the Courses. Brisbane QLD Australia.

Samuel Danner