The Reformation and the Rise of the Modern Church

The Reformation and the Rise of the Modern Church

Journey through the highs and lows of the Reformation period and study key stories and issues that made this era such a critical time for the rise of the modern church.


Constantine: Compromise & Controversy Start
Waldenses : People of the Valleys Start
John Wycliffe: The Morning Star of the Reformation Start
John Huss & Jerome: Burned for Their Faith Start
William Tyndale Start
Martin Luther: The 95 Theses Start
Martin Luther - The Just Shall Live by Faith Start
Martin Luther - The Papal Bull Start
Ulrich Zwingli: the Swiss Reformer Start
Martin Luther - The Work Of The Reformation Begins Start
Martin Luther - Protest of the Princes Start
John Knox - Scotland's Greatest Reformer Start
Columba: Missionary to Scotland Start
John Calvin: Vanguard of the French Reformation Start
Protest in France and Calvin's escape Start
John Calvin: The Work in Geneva Start
John Wesley: The Origins of Methodism Start
Martin Luther: The Protest Is Not Over Start