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Secrets of Ancient Rituals

Why are they relevant today

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Uncover the secret meanings behind ancient rituals, and why their insights are relevant to us today.

What You Will Learn

The greatest sacrifice

Is it possible that someone would sacrifice their life for you? Meet the man who did.

In the sanctuary

Discover the incredible acts that took place in this ancient location and the story it tells for you.


Is it possible you can be deceived? What about the whole world? Uncover a remarkable attempt at mass deception happening now.


John Gate
Pr John Gate

BA (Theology), MA (Religion)

Clifford Goldstein
Clifford Goldstein

BA (Theology), MA (Northwest Semitic Languages)

Jared Madden
Jared Madden

Producer "Beyond the Search"

Reviews (3)

I recommend this course for those who wish to fully understand Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.

Melissa Benitez

Fascinating!! This answered so many questions for me.

Sharron Edwards

A simple basic and to the point course. Recommended for those trying to find the quick and basic answers about the ancient rituals seen in the Bible and how they truly show that God is Love.

Timothy Pinzone