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What's Going On?

Discover the greatest controversy

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The world is in crisis, have you wondered if anyone is in control? Explore historical and current day events to find the big picture that gives hope.

What You Will Learn

What's going on?

The world is in crisis, and who hasn’t at times wondered why, especially when life gets hard?

Where are we headed?

Are we all headed to oblivion, maybe not. Discover totally different picture of how the crisis started.d

Signs of the Times

Uncover the secrets of how these signs help us understand the story of earth, and our own place in it.


Clifford Goldstein
Clifford Goldstein

BA (Theology), MA (Northwest Semitic Languages)

John Gate
Pr John Gate

BA (Theology), MA (Religion)

Jared Madden
Jared Madden

Producer "Beyond the Search"

Reviews (11)

Geat course lots of interesting information

Andrew Manning

This lesson really helped me. Thank you for the lesson I advice many of you if not all of you on the platform to take it

Bukhosi Qobolwakhe

It is really good, left me wanting more.

Ochole George William

Understandable but leaves me wanting more. Good start.

Mike Cain

Its a good course, enlightens and opened my mind to hopeful thinking, so that i can remember that God is there for His children

Thandeka Zulu

A good introduction to the way of the world.

Mark Galea