Food & Cooking

  • When should I eat?
    When should I eat?

    Sue Radd

    Eating around the clock has become common. But could nibbling over an extended time period be harming your health?

  • The value of home cooking
    The value of home cooking

    Sue Radd

    The decline in home food preparation and increase in convenience products has become a recipe for poor health.

  • Which wholegrains are best?
    Which wholegrains are best?

    Sue Radd

    It’s commonly known that wholemeal or wholegrain products are healthier than white, refined versions. But is smooth wholemeal bread just as healthy as cooked barley or steel-cut oats?

  • Can you cook with olive oil
    Can you cook with olive oil

    Sue Radd

    Despite being used traditionally for all cooking methods in the Mediterranean, it’s often said you can’t cook with olive oil due to its lower smoke point, compared to other vegetable oils. But is that really the key to choosing safer cooking oils?

  • Eat better, fight depression
    Eat better, fight depression

    Sue Radd

    Could switching to a healthier diet lift your mood? New research suggests the likely answer is Yes.

  • Edible gifts
    Edible gifts

    Sue Radd

    The festive season is a time for giving. Yet many of the edible gifts we give may be recipes for disease further along. Why not present a loved one with something tasty and that benefits their health?

  • The problem with business lunches
    The problem with business lunches

    Sue Radd

    Frequent eating out may be harming executives and those working in a fast-paced business world.

  • Healthier flatbreads
    Healthier flatbreads

    Sue Radd

    Just because it’s gluten-free or unleavened doesn’t mean flatbread is any healthier. You need to check what it actually contains.

  • Which fruit should you eat?
    Which fruit should you eat?

    Sue Radd

    Healthful fruits don’t have to be exotic or expensive. You just need to eat them every day for wellness.

  • Potato swaps
    Potato swaps

    Sue Radd

    Just how healthful a humble potato can be largely depends upon how you prepare it.

  • Review: Food as Medicine
    Review: Food as Medicine

    Adele Nash

    Better health is achievable—Adele Nash is proof of that. And according to Food as Medicine, the best place to begin is in the kitchen.

  • Tips for a healthier pasta
    Tips for a healthier pasta

    Sue Radd

    Many people have a love-hate relationship with pasta because they fear they’ll gain weight. However, the problem isn’t the pasta but how it’s cooked, the portion size and the toppings we use in Western countries.

  • Lower the GI of your diet
    Lower the GI of your diet

    Sue Radd

    A high glycaemic index (GI) diet isn’t just a sure way to developing diabetes—it is now linked to conditions including acne, polycystic ovarian syndrome and cancer.

  • Gluten-free diets
    Gluten-free diets

    Sue Radd

    Is it good to go gluten-free?

  • Bitter Melon For Better Blood Sugar
    Bitter Melon For Better Blood Sugar

    Sue Radd

    If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, a nutritious yet ugly, wart-covered, fluorescent green “fruit” could help you lower your blood sugar level and improve insulin resistance.

  • Wild about Walnuts
    Wild about Walnuts

    Sue Radd

    Some people say walnuts look like a brain. Could this tree nuts really be brain food? And what are their other benefits?

  • The Magic of Mushrooms
    The Magic of Mushrooms

    Sue Radd

    Reserved for royal feasts by the pharaohs of Egypt, edible fungi are now enjoyed by everyone, and that’s a good thing, because mushrooms contain unique antioxidants and bioactive substances.

  • Slash Your Grocery Bill
    Slash Your Grocery Bill

    Gordon Botting

    With food prices rising higher and higher, Gordon Botting shares strategies to protect your wallet.

  • The Age of Gluttony?
    The Age of Gluttony?

    Melody Tan

    Perhaps the legacy of Masterchef six years later is a growing generation—and influence—of hipsters.

  • The Best Food is Made at Home
    The Best Food is Made at Home

    Melody Tan

    TV chef and cooking show judge, Anna Gare, on eating well.