• Messiah complex
    Messiah complex

    Ed Dickerson

    Can you spot a fake? History’s cavalcade of self-styled messiahs continues to the present day. Ed Dickerson shares the Bible’s tips on what to look out for.

  • Waiting for the doomsday disease
    Waiting for the doomsday disease

    Kym Peckham

    In light of Jesus’ statement that pestilences will be one of the signs that His return is near, where do epidemics fit in?

  • Anticipating the end
    Anticipating the end

    Clifford Goldstein

    In the final article in his series on last-day signs, Clifford Goldstein homes in on THE final sign.

  • Fewer experts, more prophets?
    Fewer experts, more prophets?

    Loren Seibold

    Are the financial predictions of today’s economists any more reliable than the predictions of the biblical prophets?

  • The Mad Max apolcalyse
    The Mad Max apolcalyse

    Loren Seibold

    The second coming of Christ, and the events that will follow, sounds like the plot of one epic post-apocalyptic movie.

  • Greed in the last days
    Greed in the last days

    Clifford Goldstein

    How we relate to wealth will become an issue as the final events of earth’s history unfold.

  • The third temple prophecy
    The third temple prophecy

    Kim Peckham

    Do events in the nation of Israel mark the beginning of the so-called end times? Will a new Jewish temple be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem?

  • The times we live in
    The times we live in

    Clifford Goldstein

    There’s a better day coming.

  • The anticipated alien apocalypse
    The anticipated alien apocalypse

    Kim Peckham

    The world will end with an invasion from outer space. The only questions remaining are when and by whom?

  • The earthquake that will end time
    The earthquake that will end time

    Kim Peckham

    In late August, damaging earthquakes struck such diverse places as Italy and Myanmar. Is this what Jesus said was coming at the end of the world?

  • Satan’s spy chips
    Satan’s spy chips

    Kim Peckham

    The Bible speaks of a “mark of the beast” that will be used to identify people in Earth’s last days. Is chip technology the way it will happen?

  • The grandfather of Eurosceptics?
    The grandfather of Eurosceptics?

    Julian Archer

    In 603 BC, God allowed a Babylonian politician to look down through the unborn years of time and "paint" a broad-strokes picture of the events unfolding in Europe today.

  • The End of the World ... Again?
    The End of the World ... Again?

    Kim Peckham

    According to one prediction, 2016 will mark the end of the world—the day God “puts an end to sin.”

  • The Flexibility of Inspiration
    The Flexibility of Inspiration

    Borge Schantz

    Bible prophecy is about much more than simply telling what’s going to happen in the future.

  • Guiding Stars
    Guiding Stars

    Harold Harker

    Just how accurate are horoscopes and can they really tell our future?