Nature & Environment

  • A very important park
    A very important park

    Suvi Mahonen

    An ugly wasteland, an indomitable dream, a legacy of love. By Suvi Mahonen.

  • Beholding beauty
    Beholding beauty

    Vanesa Pizzuto

    Is beauty a trap? Or a trapdoor into a deeper reality than we ever imagined? Vanesa Pizzuto says it’s kind of both.

  • Cages

    Linden Chuang

    Linden Chuang on the demise of SeaWorld and the significance of freedom for orcas . . . and humans.

  • The cost of a carnivore
    The cost of a carnivore

    Ross Chadwick

    Ross Chadwick says motor vehicles aren’t the world's worst polluters. So what is?

  • A not-so-green world
    A not-so-green world

    Clifford Goldstein

    The disasters and diseases plaguing our world are devastating, yet far from surprising.

  • The Rhythm of Life
    The Rhythm of Life

    Tim Crosby

    The necessity of resting one day out of every seven is built into our human bodies and that of many other living creatures.

  • Me and My Stuff
    Me and My Stuff

    Kriselle Dawson

    It's time that we as Seventh-day Adventists took a decided stand to live the environmental principles espoused by our Church...

  • Lives and Property Lost in WA Bushfires
    Lives and Property Lost in WA Bushfires

    Linden Chuang

    Three of the four people killed in the Esperance bushfires were workers on an Adventist-owned farm who left the property during the blaze in an attempt to save a horse.

  • Ice Core Science
    Ice Core Science

    Sven Östring

    As debate over climate change brews, teams of scientists are working to recreate a history of our earth’s climate. But does the history they are finding disprove the biblical account of earth’s history?

  • Sharing Darwin's Doubt
    Sharing Darwin's Doubt

    Sven Östring

    Even the best of people have had their doubts at times.

  • Greening Your Kitchen
    Greening Your Kitchen

    Sue Radd

    We currently consume 25-30 per cent more energy than our planet can sustain.

  • Your Religion and the Environment
    Your Religion and the Environment

    Howard Fisher

    We're more connected to the environment than you think. Howard Fisher tells us how.

  • The (spiritual) Importance of Being Green
    The (spiritual) Importance of Being Green

    Daniel Reynaud

    Environmental issues are more important than politics or mere human survival.