The grandfather of Eurosceptics?

29 Jun 2016
The grandfather of Eurosceptics?

In 603 BC, God allowed a Babylonian politician to look down through the unborn years of time and "paint" a broad-strokes picture of the events unfolding in Europe today. Daniel’s vision didn’t provide enough details to guide financial analysts—he failed to mention the British pound’s 10 per cent dive last Friday—but he did tell us what we need to know to be truly ready for the next big global events.* 

Britain’s decision to "Brexit" the EU may or may not be a history-dividing event. Nobody really knows its impact on stability, security and economics. However, it is faith building to see yet another event confirming Daniel’s ancient prediction that the members of the EU would not "adhere to one another".**

Today’s media would call Daniel a Eurosceptic. I actually think he would be one of the EU’s most respected leaders if he were here today, but his message would be clear: the EU is a mix of weak and strong and they will never hold together to become a mighty power.

So, what’s the next big exit for the EU? Czechout? Departugal? Oustria?

The greatest rescue event in history is soon to take place. Are you ready for your exit?

* If you want to know the "big picture" of what’s going to happen next in Europe, visit

** Daniel 2:43 NKJV

Julian Archer