Vanuatu gears up for major evangelism

28 Apr 2016
Vanuatu gears up for major evangelism

Hope TV Vanuatu is now retransmitting live in the capital, Port Vila, just in time for the uplinked Last Empire series, which begins on August 17.

Santo is the next region to gain access to Hope TV with technicians confirming viewers can tune in through the UHF band to catch the signal. 

Testing was necessary before the installation of equipment at Joint Court (Port Vila) and Bellevue (Santo) to enable the transmission.

The installations will allow optimised Hope TV signal and coverage of most of Port Vila, Luganville and nearby islands, extending to Malekula in the Malampa province. 

The next goal is to organise downlink sites for North and East Efate. This will most likely reduce transportation costs for those intending to travel long distances over 21 nights to attend the Last Empire campaign.

Churches in Efate district are gearing up for the campaign, which is expected to draw hundreds of people to Freshwota.

One-week cottage meetings have already been held simultaneously around Freshwind and Freshwota. The cottage meetings are part of a Port Vila-wide strategy designed to prepare interests and build momentum towards the major evangelistic campaign.

The four churches involved are Beverly Hills, Epauto, Mautoa and Freshwind. 

Efate district leader, Pastor John Leeman, is the Nurturing Committee chairman of the campaign series. 

Pastor Leeman announced recently that two sets of baptisms would be organised after the event.

“We do not want to see people getting baptised today and then leaving tomorrow after the excitement has subsided,” he said. “We want to see people getting baptised because they have discovered Jesus as their true Friend and Saviour and are firmly grounded to begin their spiritual walk with Him.”

In an effort to stem the tide of people leaving the Church immediately after baptism, Pastor Leeman and his team have produced up to 400 training manuals. Orders have also been placed for two different sets of Bible study guides to be used as nurturing tools for interests and the newly baptised.

The Last Empire campaign will feature international evangelist Pastor Jean-Noel Adeline.  


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